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Ramsey Water rates to increase

The Ramsey Water Company Board of Directors voted to increase water rates 10 percent at its August meeting.  The increase is effective with the water bills due November 15, 2018.  

The increase is required due to the start of construction of Ramsey Water's new filtration plant in Leavenworth.  The bid for construction was awarded to Thieneman Construction, Inc. with completion expected late next summer.  After completion of the project, water rates will again be evaluated.

A third-party independent consultant, H.J. Umbaugh & Associates, prepared a rate study to evaluate rates and needed revenue for continued operations for Ramsey Water.  The results of the study provided guidelines for the percentage increase needed to generate the revenue.

The minimum monthly bill for customers using 2,000 gallons will increase $1.87 including tax, from $18.64 to $20.51.  The average monthy bill for customers using 4,000 gallons will increase $3.25 including tax, from $32.52 to $35.77.

Ramsey Water sells water wholesale to the Town of Palmyra, Town of Georgetown and Floyds Knobs Water Company.  The new rates for those wholesale customers are calculated in accordance with the terms of separte wholesale agreements which are in place.